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Bums With Bandit Signs - Bandit Sign Marketing Mastermind
Bums With Bandit Signs - Bandit Sign Marketing Mastermind
Bums With Bandit Signs - Bandit Sign Marketing Mastermind

“Bandit Sign Master Marketer’s “Brain” Transplant…

“Who Else Wants To Earn Over $63,901.00
of Free Equity Per Month…Guaranteed, Using
Nothing But Dumpster Diving, Soulless Bums?
Learn How I Built A ‘Bum Army’
To Bring Me Over 100 Leads Per Month
While Ducking The Sign Nazis?”

Discover How You Can Get The Same Exact Tips and Tactics Platinum Students Paid Over $300/per hour To Learn…all for a tiny fraction of a fraction of what they paid!

“I’m Sure Anyone Can Create A Bum Army To Build Themselves A Virtual Flood Of Qualified Leads To Buy Or Sell You Houses Regardless Of the Market…Guaranteed…Or I’ll Give You A 100% Refund Out Of My Own Pocket!”-


Dear Real Estate Investor,

Let me ask you a question…

  1. Are your bandit signs not working for you?
  2. Do you get just a few “dead end” tire kickers from your bandit signs?
  3. Are you using “We Buy House” signs like everyone else and not getting any real leads?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have something you gotta hear…

I’m better than you.

Yeah, that’s right! I’m not lying either! King Kong ain’t got shit on me!(yeah, I stole that from “Training Day”) I know all the talk the “all men were created equal”, but that’s crap. I got something that completely separates me from you and frankly…every other swinging dude around here. That’s big ol solid 100kg brass balls!!

I didn’t know at first that’s what they were. I knew I was just a little different from the regular real estate investor. I was to get deal after deal with a slew of equity because my marketing was supreme.

You probably run your real estate business and maybe get 1 or 2 real leads a week that turn out to be nothing but time wasters. Plus you have to get your signs up! After a while in this business I realized that every other investor was copying my techniques and in order to stay competitive I needed a hook…something that would keep more eyes focused on my business and calling my number to get me to buy their house. I know that every other wanna-be investor places their bandit signs in the ground or up on a pole, but I found a better way to place your bandit signs that get noticed everyday and that you competition won’t even try.


My Silly Idea at 1 O’clock In The Morning…

I stumbled across this idea purely by accident back in July 2005. I was hanging out in downtown Austin, Texas on 6th street with some buds exchanging shots of Goldschlager and talking to all the college honeys (UT Austin has some fine young stuff). As we stumbling to another bar I saw the most horrific site I’ve seen in my life. He looked like a cross between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jennifer Aniston. Here’s a shot of him below!


But what caught my attention (besides his thong panties and 36DDs) was the bandit sign around his neck. It read something kinda nutty, but attached underneath it was a sign from a real estate investor advertising his business. It said “We Buy Houses” (which is dumb) Crazy! Nutty! Insane!!! I love it! That type of memorable marketing is what I was looking for. I immediately told my buds about my idea at the IHOP a little later. They all thought I had drank too much (and I had) but I knew I was onto something. Later that night as I prayed to the porcelain god, I thought of that funky bum and his sign and how I could implement it into my business.

Yep, that’s right! I employee bums to hold my bandit signs for me. These funky smelly guys are my secret weapons at getting my bandit signs in front of the most prospects in locations that other investors can’t get to.

Now you may be thinking, “What’s the big deal with getting a bum to hold your bandit sign for you? Well let me share with you 7 reasons it’s easy to buy and sell houses using nothing else but bums…

7 Reasons Why Using Bums Might Be The Best
Marketing Decision In The World:


Reason#1: You have no competition. No one else wants to really do what it takes to make money out here. They all      subscribe to the “hope and pray” technique.

Reason#2: Bums have no shame! They’ll look prospects in the eye and get their curiosity aroused.

Reason#3: Who else is going to stand in the rain with your      bandit sign?

Reason#4: One of my best months ever was done using bums because the Sign Nazis were out in force.

Reason#5: Get a full day of hard labor out of them for a measly $50 bucks.

Reason#6: Scored a seller who was on her way to the lender to deed the house back to the bank when she saw my bum and      called.

Reason#7: Unlike ‘bird-dogs’ that quit a few days into it…bums hang around until the money…or booze dries up.


Those are my own personal reasons but check this out…

Since I’ve started using bums to market my properties I’ve been able to fill those little holes in my marketing with targeted leads and 5-Figure “real” equity.

Proof That I Really Do “Walk The Talk”

Here’s a 4 figure check that one of my prize students got cut to her while having the house on the market less than 30 days using my system…

Now it’ not unusual for her to cash a 4-5 figure check every month.


Josephine Torres

Thanks to you Kelly, I am able to spend more time outdoors. No more cramped cubicle for me!

-Josephine Torres,
San Antonio, Texas

The really cool thing is that all this was done during this so called, “economic crisis”! Do you get you advice for the “old gurus” (sorry Ron) that are so out of touch with the market and have to rely on the stories from their seminar groupies? Those guys haven’t closed a deal in years and are just on the circuit peddling their slop.

Imagine what you’ll be doing with the next wave of foreclosures getting ready to hit the market.

This Is a Massive Course

It took me 6 months of 12 hour days to put all this together for you. I even had to get written permission from my Platinum students who pay me $300 an hour to consult with them to use the information I’m about to share with you. I’ve laid out for you a “hit the ground running” quick start system for you that will put your bandit sign marketing campaigns head and shoulders above the competition. Not a single detail is left out. I’ve even included my custom buying AND selling telephone scripts I use to brand my business when I use my bums and my surefire tactics to have the Sign Nazis chasing their tails. I have for you all the little details about setting up your Bum Army and having them even you barrels of money day after day. This is the most applicable 50+ pages of hardcore content about this



insider secrets


Here’s just a sample of all the juicy insider secrets
you’ll be getting…

Why “We Buy Houses” bandit signs don’t work and actually result in fewer       calls.

The 7 precise spots to locate the most cooperative bums to staff your “Bum Army”!

The exact ‘4’ words to use get the bums lathered up to work for like a Hebrew       slave!

The exact “chump change” to pay the bum to make them your loyal servant.

“Done for you” bandit signs that work exclusively with bums.(These will at       least double the amount of quality leads you get)

How to have the sign Nazis chasing their tails.

How to train your bums like the “Dog Whisperer” to stand exactly where you       want (even in 110 degree heat)!

How to easily design your own Bandit Signs that draw a parade of desperate and        motivated sellers.

What you must differently from other real estate investor to double or triple the       amount of leads you generate in a month (99% of real estate investors never buy or       sell even one houses... SERIOUSLY… I’m going to show you how I and my       students get at least 5 solid leads a week from using bums that we either use       ourselves or wholesale out to other investors!

The major mistake that beginners (and some veterans) make when using bums       and how not to get “suckered” into making it yourself.

How to integrate your bum’s “personality” into your marketing to magnetize       prospects to your signs.

How to use “SHOCK VALUE” to minimize your penetration time into the       market.

A slick way to approach a bum and attach your signs to theirs.

How to “protect your turf” and keep other marketers from trying to use       your techniques by being your own competition.

The scripts I use to personally brand my business and have callers tripping over       themselves to leave their information.(This is the exact script I use to have sellers       tell me everything about the property so I know if I even want to call them back!       (This is worth $197 itself)

How to handle all the “ugly stuff” like talking with bum and “settling up”.

With my Bum Army always standing vigilant, I have the time to do pretty much what I want to…

Time to have fun…

I hit the gym twice a day, play golf, and work on my totally selfish hobby of rebuilding my Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. I buy all the parts I want without having to hear lip from anyone. My girl used to moan about all the money I plow into my toys but she chilled out once she realized I pay more in taxes than she earns in a year. I never put on a suit except to crash a wedding or church.

Actually, most of my neighbors wonder how I can drive around in a new Corvette and take so many trips. (In fact, some of the most ones that come to mind are Sea World, Colonial Williamsburg, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. My bums keep bringing me leads no matter where I’m at.

I’ve become a bit of an amateur “Bizarre Foods” connoisseur! Due to my excessive disposable income and travels, I get to sample unique (to say the least) foods and trendy restaurants like Coco Chocolate Lounge in San Antonio, TX, Schlesinger's Chop House in Newport News, VA, and A Chef’s Kitchen in Williamsburg, VA. The average price for dinner for two at any one of these spots is $300 plus. This used to be something I’d do only on a special occasion, but now I go just for the hell of it and even do carry out from them on game night.

Kelly at a A Chef’s Kitchen

Me at "A Chef’s Kitchen" watching a 5 star
chef make my exquisite dinner.

Kelly at The Alamo

Remember “The Alamo”

Spring time in Alaska

Spring time in Alaska

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

One with nature and an American bald eagle

One with nature and an American bald eagle

I know for some people my lifestyle sounds a little far out and may not be for them…Fine…but if you’re passionate about something and want to get the most out of life you have to be willing to take what some believe to be outlandish steps. For me it was incorporating bums with my bandit sign marketing and thus increasing my earning potential 10-fold.

“What’s All This Going To Cost Me?”

As you recall, I usually charge my Platinum students $300.00 per hour for a minimum of two hours of individual consultation on the exact same material I’m offering you right now. That’s a very real and honest $600.00 that this material cost them. And that’s not counting the airfare, hotel, food, and time they pay to be away from their office. That’s right…my Platinum students fly to my location where I open up my treasure chest of goodies.

One colleague tried to convince me that I should charge the exact same tuition I charge for my Platinum students because I am essentially delivering nearly the same “how to value” here. I seriously considered it….however, I am not greedy and don’t want to put this one of a kind information out of reach for most people.

So I’m not going to charge you the full $600.00 others have paid, but I’m not going to give it away either. This is unique, one-of-a-kind material that can help you ascend through the ranks of wanna-be real estate investors to the truly remarkable ones who gain freedom and control over their life.

With that I’m going to dramatically drop the price to $89.98. To put this into perspective, you spend more than that in a month at work buying crap out of the vending machines. Frankly, I think that what I’m offering here is a bargain for the right type of person. This is very serious and detailed information for beginners and veterans alike who want a step-by-step roadmap and shortcut from someone who’s done it. My advice, if you’re considering going for this…get it now while the it’s at the lowest price it ever will be.

Now I know you’re wondering what’s the guarantee…

“2-Part Brass Balls Guarantee”

3 month money back guaranteeHere’s you go: The first guarantee is 3 months and totally unconditional. No questions asked, no note from your mommy is needed. Get the “Bums with Bandit Signs” course, tear into it, use the scripts, go through all the written material, try out some of the ideas to buy and sell a few houses. And if you’re not completely blown away for any reason (or no reason) I’ll buy it back from you.

Second, if you stay with me past 3 months, I’ll still assure your success. I will completely guarantee that if you make even a half-baked effort and add just one bum to your bandit sign marketing campaigns, you’ll buy at least 4 houses over the next 6 months. I’m talking about additional houses that you wouldn’t have otherwise got without this material. If not, I’ll cheerfully buy back the entire package from you for every penny you paid!! There are no weird loopholes or “gotcha” clauses on this either like “applies only on the 6th Thursday of the month when it’s snowing.” All you have to do is “look me in the eye” on paper and show me just 3 techniques that you tried and didn’t work for you.

You have nothing to worry about. The monkey is on my back…not yours. Because I know the information is worth at least 10x—100x your investment I’m really not pressed. If you want to create your own Bum Army and open up a completely un-mined marketing technique—you absolutely must have this material.

In fact, here’s a perfect example!

Jeremy Lyons took a little “nibble” I gave him during a 3-minute conversation and helped him increase his leads from 10 dead end “time vampires” a month to over 100 solid salivating sellers in the same time period. Here’s what he said:

Jeremy Lyons"After meeting with Kelly personally at my Real Estate Investors Association meeting I decided to introduce myself since we’re both Longhorn fans. One tip he gave me that night is one of the reasons I have more qualified leads than I know what to do with.."

-Jeremy Lyons,
Houston, Texas


Danny BamberryI was really tired placing my bandit signs in the dead of night, but after going through Kelly’s course, I just give a few signs to my bums and let them do all the hard work..it was really easy.


-Danny Bamberry,
Marietta, Georgia


Randy GomezIt takes a real character to decide to use bums to get leads to buy houses. I thought it wouldn’t work for me but man oh man….I got 3 deeds this week and it’s been snowing like crazy. I’m glad Kelly turned me onto this technique.

-Randy Gomez,
Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Zachary PaineMy wife has just about forbade me from buying any more investing information but even she was excited about the wealth of information Kelly shared in his bum course. We’re looking to get over $30,000.00 in equity this month from our “Bum Army”!

-Zachary Paine,
Spokane, Washington

If this sounds like you—you owe it to yourself to take action right now!

Please don’t him and haw around and let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

I assure you my system is not taught anywhere else. Nor is my success some fluke that can’t be copied.

Bottom line: I live the “fabled” real estate investor lifestyle. You can do the same…or…better yet…take a chance…(which is really no chance due to my guarantee) and join me!

Order Now

The next move is up to you.

Kelly Lynch

P.S.: I always like to share with my students a personal story. I remember when the subprime crisis hit and every other investor was jumping ship because they didn’t know how to handle this market. That left a lot of properties on the market and frankly…a lot of promises to sellers unfilled.

I’ll tell you the truth…I was a little worried at first and considered taking my money and sidelining it like everyone else and wait for the market to come back or I could use my mind and skills to overcome. I decided to do the later and today I stand in an even more financial free position. I’ve been able to maintain my lifestyle and even buy more “doodads” because I do what others are unwilling or unable to.

Why? Why did I deal with the uncertainty and doubt…

Simple, what would I have learned by sitting and let the market whip me? Nothing…except for how to quit when the going gets tough. If I bailed on myself I would have never learned how to make money in this type
of market. I have made it a core principle of my mission statement not to do this for money, but to add to my skill set.

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